So What is Mental Health if it is all Contextual and External?

Texto imprescindível de Bernard Guerin a qualquer um que queira entender mais sobre “saúde mental” na modernidade.
[Dificuldades com inglês? Use o Google Tradutor! Não é perfeito, mas dá pra entender a maior parte!]


I will try to set out how I now see ‘mental health’ in the context of everyday living but when we include the changes that have occurred in modernity.  The way we now ‘talk about mental health’ becomes a modern phenomenon, which is probably something Foucault was saying many years ago in a different way.

(You will need to be patient until Points 18 and 25 though.  I hope I will be able to say this all much better when it comes time to put it into the new book.)

  1. In life there are always problems and conflicts, and almost all can be traced to scarcity of resources, if resources are thought of in a complex and nuanced way and not simplistically. Because most of our resources come through other people, most of our life problems arise in our social contexts. Most problems are interpersonal.
  2. For most of these problems…

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